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Unic Cranes Europe launches UM325 Pop Up Crane

The new Unic UM325 Pop-Up mini spider crane, is described as a revolutionary mini spider crane designed to redefine efficiency and flexibility in specialised lifting operations. Packed with advanced features and innovative technologies, this crane is engineered to meet the demands of modern construction and industrial lifting applications. Powered by lithium high-capacity battery pack and […]

07/3/2024 - 1:51 PM

JLG Whitepaper offers strategies for a ‘safety first’ culture  

JLG Industries has released its new whitepaper 10 Tips for Creating a Safety-Focused Work Culture that can help contractors implement strategies and actions create a safety-first culture on their job sites. Topics addressed in the paper include storm safety, trip hazards, lone workers, hydration, hearing protection, ergonomics, mental health, heat, PPE and wearables. Despite being […]

07/11/2024 - 5:23 PM

Pelican Rope Works and US Rigging Supply appoint new executive VP

Pelican Rope Works – US Rigging Supply (PRW-USR), a leader in safety product manufacturing and distribution, has  appointed Jacob Williams as executive vice president. With 28 years of experience in the distribution of rope, safety, and other industrial products, Jacob brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. Jacob’s most recent role was […]

07/11/2024 - 4:53 PM

New V-Track increases AL-System Workstation Crane capacities

Engineered Material Handling (EMH), recently introduced its new aluminum V-Track Rail for AL-System Workstation Cranes, providing increased capacity and longer spans. For 1000lb installations, the maximum span length increases to 31ft. The maximum span length for 2200lb installations (with a 4 x 4 V-Track) increases to 24ft 2in. EMH AL-System Workstation Cranes are flexible and […]

07/8/2024 - 12:26 PM

Oz Lifting launches wireless hoist options

Oz Lifting Products LLC is offering wireless options for its electric chain hoist and builder’s (wire rope) hoist. The hoists can now be ordered as a kit with a wireless adapter included, while the adapter can be purchased separately for anyone who already owns a hoist. The range remains available as a base unit with […]

07/3/2024 - 1:47 PM

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Here come the apprentices  

Ross Moloney, CEO of Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, considers the significance of the first Lifting Technician apprentice undertakes their End Point Assessment (EPA). When the first Level 3 Lifting Equipment Technician apprentice undertakes their End Point Assessment (EPA) at the LEEA workshops in Huntingdon on 15 March 2024, it will represent another big milestone for the […]

04/16/2024 - 5:18 PM

The Only Way is Up

We must continue to train-up our growing community and upkeep the lifting products it uses, says Steve Napieralski, president at Oz Lifting. When the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) launched its fifth Global Lifting Awareness Day campaign (see insert) it also pointed to skills and employment as its #GLAD2024 themes. They’re great pillars for such […]

04/2/2024 - 5:15 PM

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